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NC State University - Introduction to Sport Management

Introduction to Sport Management Graphic

The Challenge

Introduction to Sport Management, taught by Edwin Lindsay at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, serves a population of nearly 400 students annually. One of the primary objectives of this course is to expose students to the wide range of courses in the field of Sport Management, and to aid them in developing a career plan. Through the process of this course it is hoped they will better understand themselves, the many job opportunities in this field, and therefore what careers may be a good choice for their skills and interests. One of the big challenges of this course has been to get students interested in other career fields. Most students come into the course interested in only those “sexy” careers, such as General Manager of a professional sports team, or head coach. Not only are these opportunities rare, often they aren’t even a good fit for many individuals. However, students have historically lacked interest in learning about other careers, so finding a way to motivate and interest them was a key objective. Read an overview of the project here.

The Solution

The solution to this big challenge was to “gamify” the course. We developed a gamification module for the Moodle LMS to support game features, such as leveling and progress, achievement and rewards, and character development. A role-play game was developed where students would be assigned an avatar with character qualities they had to work with in making career choices. Most notable, of course, is that the “NCSU Moodle Gamification Module” developed for this course was developed as a solution that could be used by all courses using Moodle at NC State. Therefore, design of the module had to take into consideration how other courses may be able to use the module in the future. It takes a good deal of planning, creative thinking and developing to “gamify” a course. Note: This project was a 2014 winner of the Reimagine Education international competition.

Project Details

Amanda Robertson
Ben Huckaby
Ed Lindsay
Kendre McNulty
Lidia Churakova
Meredith Laxton
Steve Bader

Custom E-Learning
LMS Design

NC State University