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Next-Level eLearning
Solutions for Every Step

As current events shape the need for hybrid learning solutions, institutions and corporations seek modern instructional design that aligns with their instructional interests. To meet this demand, The Farthest Pixel offers custom eLearning solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client.

The Farthest Pixel is familiar with the unique challenges of every educational domain, and we possess the tools to develop the optimal content and media for each sector. As a custom eLearning solutions provider, we know that comprehensive instruction leaves lasting results. From infographics and illustration to LMS designs, The Farthest Pixel builds on the foundation of existing knowledge and strategies to deliver powerful lessons learners will carry with them.

K - 12

Stimulating Minds through
ELearning Solutions

Learners of different ages interact with the world around them in several ways. Therefore, the educational content that reaches them must be tailored to their age, interests, and challenges. Some learners may benefit most from game-based learning, for example, while other students might best relate to an explainer video. 

What makes The Farthest Pixel stand out from other educational content providers is how we reach learners of all ages through unique methods. ELearning for schools should be creative, and we are prepared for the challenge. Supplemental education services providers should empower lecturers and institutions with inspiring eLearning creation for their students. With personalized, high-quality content for students, our custom eLearning solutions address students’ learning challenges in all grade levels.

We Serve K-12

Higher Education

Developing Memorable
ELearning Creation

Higher education requires creative methods of instruction to reach students in a variety of fields. Effective learning in higher education is often achieved through personable, engaging, and powerful lessons that stay with the student as they progress to more advanced courses. Supplemental education services providers should empower lecturers and institutions of higher learning with inspiring eLearning creation for their students. 

Institutions of higher education trust The Farthest Pixel to create inspired fully online and blended learning solutions and bring new life to traditional lessons and instruction. The most complex concepts spark innovative ideas when presented in modern ways. From gamification to serious game design, our tools can help create memorable learning experiences to make education more accessible, relatable, and memorable.

We Serve Higher Education


Helping with Custom
ELearning Development

Non-profit organizations are dedicated to enhancing our communities. In this digital age, education and communication require technology and media to deliver impactful messages that will positively impact the world around us. 

With years of experience in working with organizations seeking a better world, The Farthest Pixel is a trusted partner of several non-profits. With our expertise in custom eLearning development, we are prepared to develop unique eLearning experiences and digital learning objects to support the goals of non-profit organizations. We are proud to develop custom eLearning solutions that leave a lasting impact.

We Serve Non-Profits


Reimagining Corporate
ELearning Solutions

Providing employees with the right resources leads to higher productivity and consistency. Additionally, imaginative resources lead to happier employees, whose contentment reflects in their work. Corporate eLearning solutions are among the most popular trends in instructional methods for business because of their vivid and approachable nature. With the ability to embody many forms of media, eLearning strategies for business can leave a lasting impression on industry professionals. However, corporations must examine what eLearning business solutions best fit their employees. 

With a firm grasp on effective corporate training design, The Farthest Pixel is ready to guide businesses towards the right path. Our custom corporate eLearning development knowledge makes us the ideal partner to develop a business’s instructional content

We Serve Corporations

Consulting Services

Since 2015, The Farthest Pixel has delivered outstanding eLearning solutions that bring education to life. With our expertise and tools, our eLearning creation processes take into account learning challenges to brainstorm unique solutions for all of our clients. Take the next step in revolutionizing your business’s or school’s educational methods with vivid, custom eLearning solutions. Start a conversation with us today!