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The Barksdale Reading Institute - Online Course Design

The Challenge

Prior to the pandemic, The Barksdale Reading Institute (BRI) offered solely in-person professional development training for teachers throughout the state of Mississippi. Recognized by the National Reading Panel, this exceptional training fosters a deep understanding of each of the five components of reading and how they form a comprehensive and integrated approach to reading instruction. BRI approached The Farthest Pixel to create an online version of many of their in-person course offerings. 

The Solution

We utilized our expertise in online learning to collaborate with BRI staff to develop over a half dozen courses specifically designed to be experienced through their learning management system. Our team created a new series of branded learning objects, including animations, videos, interactives, graphics, Illustrations and Infographics. All of these items integrate seamlessly with The Barksdale Reading Institute’s expert instruction to create a rich experience for the online learner, with the added benefit of reaching teachers far beyond the state of Mississippi.

In June 2022 The Barksdale Reading Institute announced they would be dissolving the company the following year, June 2023. Since the announcement, CEO Kelly Butler has been working hard to ensure all of the educational resources they have developed over the years find a good home where teachers and students may continue to benefit from their decades of work. 

The Barksdale Reading Center Three Tier Vocabulary Model animation

Example Interactive Activities

The Four Quadrants Simple View of Reading is an interactive practice for teachers to affirm their understanding of using the Four Quadrants to identify a students strengths and weaknesses in reading skills.

An area where many reading teachers desire more practice is in the area of identifying the appropriate vocabulary words for their students. Categorizing Tiered Vocabulary Practice allows teachers to test their ability to identify tier 1, 2, and 3 tier words. 

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Project Details

Marion McBride
Rossie King
Kegi Wells
Greer Proctor-Dickson
Kelly Butler
Antonio Fierro
Sandra Wilborn
Micaelah Scott
Margo Jordan
Kelly Gamache
Lori Catlin Garcia
Amanda Robertson

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