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Our expertise in eLearning Solutions empowers us to create the best corporate and educational content across a wide range of instructional design challenges. Since 2015, The Farthest Pixel has specialized in interactive media and game development to offer our clientele the most innovative educational solutions for their specific needs. As an online course developer, we specialize in eLearning animation, audio and video production, eLearning simulations, course designs, and eLearning gamification to bring our clients the best online learning experience.

From custom eLearning course development to strategizing how to structure an educational course design, The Farthest Pixel and its team of skilled experts is here to help.


Quality is our top priority. We help foster improved learning outcomes with strategic educational software development.


With a keen grasp of modern media and instructional technologies, our originality stands out among other eLearning design agencies.


As creative educational content providers, we take an imaginative approach to course designs and celebrate risk-taking and ingenuity.

Our Services

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Custom eLearning Solutions Icon
Custom eLearning
We customize e-learning solutions that create inspiring experiences, and educate and engage your learners.
eLearning Gamification Icon
Games have become widely accepted within education as a powerful and effective tool to engage learners.
eLearning Animation Icon
Animation is a great solution for learning about challenging concepts that have been explained through text alone.
Instructional Graphic Icon
Instructional Graphic
Design & illustrations
Visuals aid learners to navigate, recognize similar content and create an organized mental order.
Mobile Learning Icon
Learning solutions should always consider if the content should also be developed for delivery on a mobile device.
Interactive Media Icon
Animation is a great solution for learning about challenging concepts that have been explained through text alone.
Videos Icon
Augment content delivered as only text in that it can both provide a visual and time-based explanation to content.
LMS Course Design Icon
LMS & Course Design
We analyze the best approaches for learning management system design based on the educational content and target learning objectives.
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Let us to help you re-envision your training program and implement a winning learning strategy for today’s learners.

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