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Take eLearning Farther

At The Farthest Pixel, we specialize in the development of custom training and eLearning solutions for the unique needs of our clients. Many of our services work in unison to bring you the optimal solution. We provide a variety of services and options to align with a range of diverse budgets and time frames. As a pioneer custom eLearning solutions provider, The Farthest Pixel specializes in different types of media to address a wide range of design and educational challenges. We look forward to helping you discover the instructional design service that will best serve your specifications! Download our interactive Services brochure! 

Instructional Design Services

Custom Training & eLearning

Our custom training and eLearning solutions refresh essential life lessons to engage, inspire, and educate learners successfully. Our creation process often interweaves various elements—from animations and videos to gamification and interactives—with readings and assessments to deliver a completely immersive learning experience, be it in the classroom or online. As a proficient online course developer, we offer an extensive background in many diverse content areas, including laboratory courses, technical and conceptual courses, as well as courses that require a high level of participant collaboration.

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Mobile Learning Solution

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning has become an indispensable tool for education in recent years. Our mobile learning app development expertise enables us to determine if mobile learning is the best approach to meet your learner’s needs, as it provides a plethora of eLearning opportunities. Backed by an abundance of learning theories, mobile learning affords a more flexible, more accessible educational platform, and our mobile solutions are strategically designed to accommodate a variety of educational needs.

LMS & Course Hosting

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are powerful tools for instructors who seek effective, custom eLearning course development. An LMS can foster a private educational community, help instructors manage assessments and grades, and allow instructors to manage media sources and materials. The Farthest Pixel analyzes the best approaches for learning management system design based on the educational content and target learning objectives. Don’t have an LMS provider? The Farthest Pixel provides hosting services to our clients via our Moodle LMS, or we can work with you to discover the best LMS to meet your organization and training needs.

LMS & Course Design Graphic

Media Design Services


Why does animation captivate us? Animation mimics the natural world in unique ways. With the ability to charm people of all ages, animation can capture what photography or video cannot. And for the right learning challenge, it can be a powerful eLearning solution.

Concepts presented through visual forms are easier to understand because they are readily available in our long- term memory. Therefore, eLearning animation can explore concepts and ideas that are otherwise stagnant through text.

The Farthest Pixel is a leader among animated explainer video companies for concept learning. Our eLearning animation experience helps us identify the best animated education options for our clients. 

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Branding & Communication - TFP

Branding & Communications

Organizations and institutions need to deliver the right message through consistent, effective, and powerful branding to attract learners. Building a reputation for a brand starts with educational software development and ends with the messages the audience consumes. From internal training audiences to customers, a brand is an opportunity to impact a learner. For this reason, The Farthest Pixel provides analysis on eLearning business solutions related to your branding, communication, and marketing channels. We can help you develop a winning brand strategy that aligns with your goals, the interests of your internal and external audiences, and your stakeholders’ visions.

Games & Simulations

Game-based learning benefits have become recognized in higher education, the military, the healthcare industry, and in corporate settings. Immersive and exciting learning experiences revolutionize how we engage learners, while eLearning gamification has become widely accepted as an innovative way to educate by leveraging the mechanics of game development without the expense.

“Serious game” design can be applied in several learning contexts to create captivating educational experiences. Gamification often leads learners to respond to scenario- based situations that can emulate real-world events or concepts. Additionally, game-based learning for business fosters a healthy competitive atmosphere among coworkers. As a serious game developer, The Farthest Pixel can determine whether game-based learning approaches can work for you.

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Graphics & Illustrations - TFP

Infographics & Illustrations

Infographics, illustrations, and visual design are critical elements in educational course design

Often, text alone falls short in facilitating student comprehension. Illustrations and infographics are a powerful tool to promote information recall and long-term memory. Instructional graphic design can help learners and consumers recognize a brand, a course, or a program. Creating an identity through an online course assures learners that they are on the right path. At The Farthest Pixel, we recognize the importance of graphics in online course solutions and tailor eLearning illustrations to fit your voice, brand, and learners.


As a more optimal way to retain information, “hands-on” learning empowers students to take control of their educational experience. Interactivity bridges the gap between a stagnant lesson and an engaging experience that leads to higher rates of retention.

Interactive media and game development can be accomplished and implemented in many ways through optimal software development. Through customized online course creation, we can help you procure an effective final solution when designing interactive eLearning simulations.

Interactive Graphic
Videos - TFP


Videos are among the most resourceful instruments for education. As a time-based, visual representation of concepts, instructors can customize how they want to present their ideas in a stimulating format. With a plethora of benefits, videos can serve as introductory pieces to topics, give subjects validity, and present challenges in refreshing ways.

When instructors utilize videos as part of their online course solutions, they contribute towards student success by fostering creative online spaces. Animated explainer video companies like The Farthest Pixel can enhance your educational course design with unique video implementation. Our grasp on video design and the technology to improve videos are vital to accomplishing your goals.

Consulting Services

Learning Strategy

Learning strategies are a vital element to custom eLearning development. Instructors need to consider how their learners will relate to information and which methods of instruction are best for an optimal online course solution. From branding and voice to enhancing content navigation, learning institutions have much to strategize. Instructional design consulting firms like The Farthest Pixel can help you navigate your options to ensure that your learners receive the most out of their lessons or training. Our vast range of media design services and expertise helps organizations discern which learning methods are most engaging for their learners.

Sustainability and Equity

The Farthest Pixel is passionate about using our business to support our communities and the environment to create a sustainable and equitable future for everyone. We can design custom eLearning and classroom training solutions to support your organization’s sustainability policy, as well as to promote your commitment to diversity, inclusion, and communities of color. The Farthest Pixel can enhance your policies through custom training solutions that help you inform your employees and clients about the issues that matter to you. We look forward to helping you improve the quality of life for our communities and environment!