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Parent Academy - E-Learning Course Design

The Challenge

The Barksdale Reading Institute has been providing instruction in kindergarten readiness to school administrators, teachers, and organizations that support parents and caregivers of rising kindergarteners through face-to-face workshops and printed handout materials. While these workshops have been successful with their target audience, they desired to expand their reach to include the parents and caregivers directly. With a limited staff, this was not feasible given the size of their target audience. 

Their goals:

  1. We want parents and caregivers to understand what kindergarten readiness is, why it matters, and what it looks like – how to tell when their child is ready.
  2. We want to give parents and caregivers the tools to help their child build those skills. 

Their audience is varied in all demographics, where some parents or caregivers may not read well, so taking a traditional online course could be challenging. 

The Solution

The Farthest Pixel built an online course that is heavy in photos, beautifully illustrated handouts, and custom illustrations, and is delivered from the first person by the instructor, Sandra Wilborn, to help those new to online courses feel supported by their instructor. Most of the text Ms. Wilborn has recorded audio, playable through buttons below each section, so that those participants who may struggle in reading can listen instead. Each module is introduced by Ms. Wilborn with an animated introduction covering the course goals and content.

View and/or take the course at: 

Course Introduction Video

Project Details

Sandra Wilborn
Micaelah Scott
Lori Catlin Garcia
Amanda Robertson


Custom E-Learning
Web Development

The Barksdale Reading Institute

The entire course was delivered with a set of different family structures to aid parents and caregivers in relating to the different life situations represented throughout the course.