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About Us

Moving Forward Together

From producing infographics and illustrations to online course design, our team does a little bit of everything. The Farthest Pixel is a full-service, custom eLearning solutions provider specializing in visual, time-based, and interactive media and game development. We are well-versed in education theory, which enables the generation of engaging and immersive eLearning solutions.

The breadth of our work and experience sets us apart from other conventional educational content providers. We embody a plethora of services and capabilities to develop the best custom eLearning experiences to suit our clients’ educational needs and goals. Because we value creativity, our team consists of talented individuals who provide their input from the outset of every project to maximize the impact of each of our eLearning creations. The online learning media industry embodies an array of ever- evolving technologies and ideologies. We keep track of these trends to ensure that our clients invest in practical, long-term solutions.


Amanda Robertson

CEO, Founder

As the Founder and CEO of The Farthest Pixel, Amanda Robertson has long studied how education theories advance modern media and design. For more than 20 years, Amanda has envisioned and applied how the internet and online course solutions can mimic and enhance the natural ways we learn. She holds a degree in Graphic Design with a graduate degree in Instructional Media and Animation. Amanda taught in the Department of Art and Design at North Carolina State University.
Amanda Robertson - The Farthest Pixel
Lori Garcia - The Farthest Pixel

Lori Catlin Garcia

Creative Project Manager

Lori Catlin Garcia has over 20 years of experience as a professional designer, art director, and creative project manager. She holds a B.F.A. from the University of Evansville and an M.F.A. from the University of California, San Diego. Throughout the course of her unique career, Lori has worked as a theatre costume designer, a textile designer and as an art director and design manager at the LEGO and Hasbro toy companies. Lori also taught art at the college level for five years.

Why Us?

About Us

With so many outsourced, stagnant hybrid learning solutions that have characterized online courses, the industry is ready for a change. We are determined to be that change. The Farthest Pixel is proud to provide schools, higher education, corporations, and non-profits with tools to deliver outstanding online course solutions. What makes The Farthest Pixel stand out from other custom eLearning solutions providers is the fact that we refuse a “one size fits all approach” to instructional design.

Our mission goes beyond the fundamentals and focuses on how we can cement life-changing educational experiences for all. The Farthest Pixel team works with each client to ensure their specific custom eLearning goals are met and that their challenges are addressed. We are led by Amanda Robertson, whose research in media design and educational experience inspires our team to optimize teaching technologies for every instructional scenario.

Core Values

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Have an impact on advancing the ways we learn.

Sustainable Icon

Practice and influence sustainable and socially responsible business practices.

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Give back to the community in tangible and lasting ways.

core values

Accept and encourage differences in all people.

core values

Be brave.
Be playful!

Collaboration and Community Icon

Create collaboration
and community.

Community Icon
Give back to the community in tangible and lasting ways.
Impact Icon

Have an impact on advancing the ways we learn.

Collaboration and Community Icon

Create collaboration and community.

core values
Be brave
Be Playful!
Sustainable Icon
Practice and influence sustainable and socially responsible business practices.
core values
Accept and encourage differences in all people. It makes design and the world better!


Teamwork with The Farthest Pixel

Our philosophy is to recognize the diverse needs of different learning challenges. Since there are no “one size fits all” learning solutions, The Farthest Pixel strives to deliver what is best for each individual client. Our team members work together and provide their unique skills, knowledge, and perspectives to confidently deliver tailored eLearning solutions. From the immediate space we work in to the communities we share, we hope our solutions foster an atmosphere where every contribution—big or small, success or failure—is appreciated as a vital part of education.

Our Culture


Innovative educational course designs require diverse perspectives and unique backgrounds to effect a common goal and achieve an optimal solution. The Farthest Pixel encourages incessant exploration, bravery, and learning, which fosters a celebration of camaraderie and a sense of community in every endeavor.


We maintain that collaboration is a key component of work culture, so we strive to create a team-oriented work environment. The best outcomes result from positive colleagues that revel in collaboration. We believe that everyone should contribute and be heard, especially the client.


Without efficient communication, projects often fall short. We use cutting-edge technology to aid our daily communication with clients and our team. From calendars and project management systems to meetings and one-on-ones, we ensure our custom eLearning development follows a clear, communicated timeline.


Outreach Graphic

The Farthest Pixel is passionate about using our skills and interests to enrich the communities we live in. Therefore, we offer our talents to assist non-profits and organizations dedicated to bettering local communities and the environment. Our design and eLearning creation services can help any initiative or event stand out for the greater good of our communities.

Interested in partnering with The Farthest Pixel to make a lasting impact? We are here to help. Please contact us and include the word “outreach” in the subject line. The Farthest Pixel prioritizes the non-profit sector, but there are also cases where we will contribute to for-profit organizations.

Join The Team

Interested in joining The Farthest Pixel team? We can’t blame you. Take a look below to get a glimpse of our open positions. We have tons of upcoming project opportunities that may just be a perfect fit, so send us your resume and portfolio even if there isn’t an opening that’s right for you. Please send inquiries to


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