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NC State University - Animal Nutrition

The Challenge

A series of four animations were needed to convey complex digestion and metabolization processes in animals, predominantly on a microscopic level. Students needed to understand how both lipids and proteins are broken down into usable materials in animals’ bodies, and then how those materials are later used.

The Solution

A set of unique characters were created to personify various components of the digestion and metabolization process, including various enzymes, protein chains and small fat molecules. These were made as easily recognizable and distinguishable characters, that related to their role in the process. The storyboards, animatics and animations were developed to closely follow the biological processes without relying heavily on realistic imagery, and while working closely with the professors.


Project Details

Amanda Robertson
Ayanna Seals
Joan Eiseman
Jordan Deva
Lidia Churakova
Meredith Laxton


NC State University