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NC Live

The Open Textbooks animation for NC LIVE describes the challenges students face today with the exorbitant cost of school textbooks and the offerings provided by NC LIVE’s Open Textbooks program.

The Challenge

NC LIVE is a library cooperative in North Carolina and supports both public and academic libraries. They have a program where they support “open textbooks” for teachers and students. Open textbooks are free textbooks provided for the most frequently taught courses. The cost of textbooks for students has risen exponentially and has adversely impacted student success. The challenge for NC LIVE is getting information about the program to North Carolina teachers.

The Solution

PBS NC hired The Farthest Pixel to develop an animation to communicate both the challenge of textbook expense and the solution of open textbooks, which NC Live would then distribute via the Internet and their social media channels to spread the word.

Project Details

Amanda Robertson
David Huppert
Margo Jordan
Nicole Eure


PBS NC for NC Live