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Women's Work

The Women Behind the Design

The Farthest Pixel is a women-owned and managed business, developing custom eLearning solutions that leverage all sorts of design. We have an amazing body of creative talent – in the past two years employing 12 women and 3 men in the fields of animation, illustration, and graphic design. This team has produced hundreds of eLearning animations, infographics, explainer videos, interactive experiences, and instructional graphics and illustrations to support online course design and the education of our children through public television, learning management systems, and print media. Like many professions, most design jobs have historically been dominated by men, and the salaries are also higher for men than for their equally (or even sometimes better) qualified female counterparts. We’re proud to support the women behind the design.

According to the Association of Landscape Architects (ASLA), only an estimated 24% of project landscape architects are women.

In architecture, the divide is further, where women only represent 22.6% in the field.

These numbers are a tad better in the field of animation, where 26% of all animators are women. While in 2021 women in this field still earned only 90% of what men earned.

In graphic design we begin to see these numbers close the disparity gap, where women and men each represent an average of 48% in the field, though women still earned only 95% of what men earned in 2021 in this field.

Do you know a creative young woman interested in pursuing a career in design? Support her! Encourage her to follow this dream and help her make it come true. Design is a rewarding and diverse career area with many opportunities to earn a great income.

Our deepest thanks to these women in design:

Courtney Barron
Téa Blumer
Tiffany Bowman
Lidia Churakova
Bethany Minervino
Kelly Gamache
Lily Garcia
Paige Kotalik
Margo Jordan
Meredith Laxton
Tracy MacLauchlan
Cori May
Micaelah Scott Peterson
Grace Washko

And gratitude for the fellas in our business, too!

Kirby Culbertson
Stephen Minervino
Christian Townsend
Gil Sibrian




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