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Five Tips for Designing an Effective eLearning Course

Five Tips for Designing an Effective eLearning Course

Custom eLearning development can yield life-changing experiences for students exposed to a compelling online lesson. Yet, students may not realize that crafting an enjoyable lesson requires meticulously planned components that integrate effectively.

Crafting effective eLearning solutions takes considerable time and care. With so many things to consider, it’s easy for finer details to fall through the cracks. The Farthest Pixel knows firsthand how challenging it can be to create an online course. We consolidated our years of experience into this list of five useful tips for designing an effective eLearning course. 


Tip #1: Make Inspired Design Choices

Making attention-grabbing design choices will set your course apart from other educational experiences your students have come across. From selecting color schemes and lesson plans to identifying the technical resources you will need, design choices often occupy the early stages of course building. With so much to consider, it is impossible for this planning stage not to be exciting, and maybe even a bit overwhelming. Yet, it is important to realize that your design choices will not go unnoticed by pupils. 


Tip #2: Examine What Media Type Is Best

Selecting the most effective media types for your eLearning solution is a crucial step in your planning process. From eLearning gamification to infographics and illustrations, those interested in developing a successful eLearning experience should consider their course’s learning outcomes and audience to determine what media types are the best fit. 


Tip #3: Consider Unique Challenges

ELearning solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Consider the challenges that each individual within your audience of learners might be facing. When an eLearning developer carefully examines their students, they craft an online learning experience that effectively communicates the course’s message to a diverse audience. Here are some common challenges for creators of eLearning courses to keep in mind:


Anyone can be a student. From children just starting their academic journey to corporate training, the needs of every group vary based on their age, ability, goals, and more. What intrigues or challenges people of one generation may not be the same for another. Sometimes, contemporary groups are not stimulated by the same content. Knowing your audience guarantees success in developing great eLearning solutions. 


The delivery of an eLearning course encompasses many things. Questions like these elevate the delivery of eLearning courses:

  • What tone do these students receive best? 
  • Do I want my eLearning content to be supplemental material or essential to the course?
  • What technical challenges do my students face?
  • Do I need help developing the optimal eLearning solution?


Tip #4: Accept Feedback 

Creating impactful eLearning experiences involves accepting feedback from others, including your students! Whether you demonstrate a beta course where you test student receptiveness or have other instructors offer constructive criticism, receiving feedback is vital for eLearning creation. Include a course survey at the end of your course for your students to fill out. You can always improve or just tweak an online course for the next offering.


Tip #5: Know When to Bring In A Custom eLearning Solutions Provider

Let’s face it: creating custom eLearning solutions is a lot of work, especially for those with no experience in designing complex, custom content for lessons. Sometimes, it’s best to get some expert assistance. A prepared online course developer is able to easily compile all the basic components of course design and unite them with your audience’s unique educational needs to create outstanding eLearning experiences. 

The Farthest Pixel is here to help! Our experienced team of eLearning experts has produced powerful online course solutions that have impacted numerous students across a wide range of schools, corporations, and non-profit organizations. We offer a unique Designing for Teaching Online course that helps educators become acquainted and proficient in designing online courses. Contact us today and let us guide you in designing your ideal eLearning solution.



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