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What to Consider When Searching for an Online Course Developer

What to Consider When Searching for an Online Course Developer

Diving into the dynamic world of eLearning is easy considering recent trends in education. As the world becomes more digitized, many instructors incorporate digital media into their courses to supplement their in-person lessons or vivify their online classes. These instructors or institutions need the help of a reliable online course developer to make the most out of their eLearning vision. 

Custom eLearning solutions providers are an instructor’s best ally when designing online course materials. However, there is a lot to examine before committing to an instructional design consulting firm. The eLearning creation process should take many things into consideration, from the needs of the targeted learners, to the ideal mediums to communicate concepts and ideas. Good online course developers will address your concerns and work with you to deliver productive, efficient, and exciting eLearning solutions. 

Because custom eLearning development entails some critical decision-making, The Farthest Pixel wants to provide as much valuable insight as possible. Read below to learn more about what to consider when searching for an online course developer to help your online course solutions come to life.

Identify Your Audience

No two instructors of an online course will have the same group of students. Every learner is unique and demonstrates different strengths and potential areas of growth. For the ranging needs of different pupils, every teacher must consider which specific eLearning solutions will be most effective in their learning environment. An experienced online course developer should offer their services to strategically suit the needs of every learner their custom eLearning solutions aims to impact—regardless of age, ability, or subject matter. These are some helpful questions to keep in mind depending on your target audience:

Education Providers (K-12 or Higher Ed)

  • What type of media may impact my students best? An explainer video? Infographics and illustrations?
  • What kind of media best conveys my lesson? 
  • Can this custom eLearning solutions provider address specific challenges within my student’s age group? 

Corporate Training

  • Is this supplemental education services provider experienced in crafting eLearning business solutions?
  • What custom training content will represent my company’s brand best?
  • Can this online course developer address barriers to effective training? 


  • How can I help meet my non-profit’s mission with eLearning solutions? 
  • How can a specific online creation promote awareness or educate my audience? 
  • Does my non-profit’s mission resonate with the team involved with the eLearning creation process?

What eLearning Solutions They Bring to the Table

Because the needs of students vary greatly, an effective online course developer will offer a wide range of services. From explainer videos to LMS designs, educational content providers supply a vast range of content. However, experienced instructional design consulting firms must also be prepared to offer you insight. The online course developer that’s well-suited for your educational needs will lead you in the right direction and assess your student’s needs, your vision, and any obstacles that may arise. 

The Willingness to Engage, Learn, and Understand 

The eLearning creation process should be one that inspires connection. While many eLearning solutions are outsourced overseas, the quality of these online learning products fails to create engaging experiences. Successful online course developers are inspired by the possibility of creating online course solutions that result in a life-changing experience for a student. Because no service can be “one-size-fits-all,” instructional design consulting firms should foster a transparent eLearning creation process between their clients to ensure they are achieving educational goals and outlooks effectively. 

The Farthest Pixel is a full-service, custom eLearning solutions provider that values the learning goals of every client. We produce high-quality eLearning solutions that deliver immersive experiences for a vast range of learners and their educational needs. Our experienced team possesses the insight necessary to guide our clients through their unique circumstances to produce outstanding eLearning creations. Contact us today to learn more about how The Farthest Pixel can guide you through the exciting world of online learning!



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