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CSR and Sustainability are NOT the Same

CSR and Sustainability are Not the Same

If you’re new to CSR and Sustainability, I’ll share a quick overview here. I think most businesses today, as is the case with The Farthest Pixel, recognize that almost all of us are consumers of the Earth’s resources. Be it paper or energy or agriculture – most of us in fact use a lot of resources in order to fulfill

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E-Learning- A Projected $243 Billion Dollar Business by 2022

E-Learning: A Projected $243 Billion Dollar Business by 2022

Classrooms are emptying and e-learning is growing exponentially in both the corporate setting as well as k12 and higher education. Internet technologies have improved and become more powerful and diverse, and interactive media technologies have seamlessly ported to the Web. Today, the ability to meet learning needs in an online environment have very few limitations when

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