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The Challenge

Students of an online organic chemistry course were struggling to quickly look at a molecular structure or combination of structures and identify the element or compound, as well as what the next compound(s) would be in a series of presented structures. Students taking this course are required to build a proficiency with this skill in order to be successful in subsequent courses, primarily in the medical field. A solution was needed that would aid students in quickly identifying and memorizing structures and series’ of structures.

The Solution

Flashcards are a proven tool for memorization and visual recall. After researching existing digital flashcard solutions there were none available that would allow the instructor to include both image and video on either or both sides of the “card, as well as chain a series of cards together. A solution involved development of an online flashcard tool that would allow the instructor to create custom cards, categorize them in multiple ways, as well as chain a series of cards together so they would come up one after the other as a student were studying. Multiple card types were developed (such as vocabulary cards, which included an audio pronunciation option) so that the solution would extend for many different courses and subjects. A mobile solution is in development.

Project Details

Amanda Robertson
Ben Huckaby
David Howard
David Tredwell
Kay Sandberg
Kendre McNulty
Matt Hisamoto

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