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The Challenge

The primary challenge of this course involves the hands-on nature of it and being offered as a fully online course. A primary task involves students learning how to mix and apply paint through numerous assignments, and participate in group critiques to analyze the success of their efforts on projects. This means students need to be able to provide examples of their work and obtain regular feedback from both the instructor and fellow students, as well as clarify their understanding of this feedback.

The Solution

The online delivery of the course is through the LMS, Moodle, designed in a consistent week-by-week format that includes text assignments with video demonstrations of techniques. The interactive online tool, VoiceThread is used to give students a way to submit work for critique, given by both other students as well as the instructor. Students are able to comment on the work of other students and reply to and ask questions of feedback provided on their own work.

Demonstration videos for paint mixing, swatch painting and swatch mounting give students instruction on critical skills. (View Example Videos)

Project Details

Amanda Robertson
Cleo Magnusen
Jordan Deva
Mack Garrison
Mike Cuales
Ruth Smith

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