NC State University - Animal Reproduction

The Challenge

Animal reproduction is a course that focuses on the science and modern practices in the reproduction of farm animals, in particular those of horses and pigs. Historically, students would make many visits to the farm in order to observe and learn about these practices face-to-face. The challenge here was that the instructor wanted to deliver further iterations of the course fully online without the benefit of student visits to the farm. Students would need to understand the reproduction stages of the animals, artificial insemination practices unique to each species, as well as pregnancy stages and birthing processes and challenges.

The Solution

Dozens of short videos were made to document each unique stage of the reproductive process in each species. Additionally, an interactive animation was developed for students to learn about the estrus cycle and an animation was created for students to learn about the challenges faced in swine delivery.

Project Details

Amanda Robertson
Cleo Magnusen
David Tredwell
Jordan Deva
Kelly Fish
Lee Ann Gillen
Megan Bickel
Mike Cuales
Scott Whisnant


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Estrus Cycle Interactive

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